James Tuan

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Poughkeepsie NY, 12603 

Telephone (845) 454-1215

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   Financial Industry:  Architected and implemented front end trading systems for Mortgage Back Trading, Government Repo Trading, Currency Options, Wavelet Analytics for Currency Prices and U Government Bonds. Managed and developed software projects for Prime Broker Backoffice and Hedge Fund Reconciliation systems.


   Internet: Technical Manger/Sr.Developer for internet development company, clients including Petrochem.net (online subscriptions), eHammer.com (online auction site), g4guitar.com (e-commerce),Raceserch.com (e-commerce) and Praxair.com (corporate identity)


CURRENT TECHNOGIES:  UNIX / Perl / MVC / Sybase / UNIX Shell Scripting / Apache




5/05 – Current - Vice President - Bank of America, 9 West 57th Street NY 10011


Application Lead for Primer Broker Back Office. The group consisted of 5 programmers of various skill levels and 2 business analysis. Duties include reporting at bi-weekly business meetings, weekly infrastructure/release/manger meetings, project coordination with business users and prioritization/assignment of projects.


Developed Equity Triparty  platform for the Central Fund Desk. The platform aggregates data from multiple sources and post the results to various trading systems for tri-party execution.  Once the counterparties have pledged their funds, excess inventory is relayed to Depository Trust Company (DTC) via MQ. DTC will then process the inventory and forward the data to Bank of New York’s Repo Edge system for client allocations. The resulting allocations are retrieved by the platform and journal entries are created for posting to ADP.  This system is written on a Sun Solaris platform with ksh, Perl scripting language along with a Sybase DBMS.


Implemented Middle Office Reconciliation processes between Repo Trading System and ADP back office  book  & records. The reconciliation includes information about   trades, positions, securities and prices. The data is brought in daily from an existing Sybase and DB2 systems and warehouse in a new Middle Office database.  The new Middle Office database can be adhoc queried via a .net application and exported to Microsoft Access.   The data is retained for 30 days and includes all end of month information. The process is written in a Sun Solaris platform using ksh and Perl scripting languages.


Developed interfaces for internal bank business initiatives for Fix Income Prime Broker, Whole Loan Repo Trading and Proprietary Repo Trading to vendor's front end trading system. This include extending data feeds to back office systems, trade processing, margin reporting and developing new feeds to external system such as BONY RepoEdge.


6/02 – 5/05 - Senior Systems Programmer - Lazard Asset Management 30 Rockefeller Plaza NY 10112-6300


Project Manger for Hedge Fund Accounting and Operations Reconciliation System. Created business specifications detailing the existing business process and presented alternative business flows. The research and design phase involved coordinating business practices among the Marketing, Operations and Accounting departments.  Reviewed Business specifications with senior IT management and proposed software systems solutions for the Operations and Accounting Group. Provided detailed time/production milestones in Microsoft Project.


Architected the Hedge Fund Reconciliation System platform based on UNIX/Apache Tomcat/ Apache Struts / JSP/ Java /Oracle based on MVC - Model 2 framework as described by Sun Microsystems.  Coordinated and implemented Vendor data integration to the new AI System via FTP/Java/Oracle. These include data feeds for Subscriptions/ Redemptions/ Products and Investor.


3/97 – 06/02 - Senior Systems Programmer - Internet Industry


Corporate identity site for Parxair.com developed in Lotus Notes.  Customized Lotus Notes template Discussion and Mailing List databases to conform to overall web site design and enhance functionality (www.praxair.com).


Technical manager and lead developed for the e-commerce web site www.g4guitars.com. The e-commerce software is written in Java/JDBC/Servlets with a MySQL or Oracle database backend. The application suite consists of a browser base administrative functions and a public e-commerce site. The administrative software allows multiple e-commerce sites to be managed from one web server. This software sub-system system allows the administrator to manage all aspects of e-commerce such as category-subcategory configuration, inventory control and product delivery. The public e-commerce site is a mix of statically generated and dynamically generated HTML pages. The credit card processing is completed with SecurePay transaction API.


Developed Server Side Java (servlets) for a www.ehammer.com , auction site, employing JDK 1.2 beta and JDBC to connect to Oracle DBMS.  The Servlets dynamically displays the home page, categories, list of auctions, auction watch, bulk auction uploads, and auction search functions.  Established Business to Business relationship with GoTo Auctions. Cross platform functionality included Verification of Auctions, Auction Creation, Auction Update, and Retrieving Auctions by User, Retrieving Auction Details, User Verification and the Ability to Leave Feedback for both the seller and buyer.


Integrated CyberSource Gift Certificate, Chat and Bulletin Board  for www.racesearch.com . The integration was executed with in a SUN/ORACLE/PERL environment.


3/97 - 6/00       T3 Technologies, 1281 Main Street, Stamford, CT

6/00 - 12/00     RaceSearch.com, 29 Hubble St, Irvine, CA 92618

6/00 - 8/01       Ehammer.com, 83 Audubon Street, New Haven CT 06510

9/01 – 6/02    G4guitars.com, 153 East Streets, New Haven, CT 06511


12/89 - 3/97 - Senior Systems Programmer/Analyst   - Financial Industry


Collaborated in the design and implementation of a Government Repurchasing (Repo) Trading System. Phase I deliverables include on-line Position, Trade, Funding Blotters, Trade Entry, Customer, Broker. Look up windows for Cusip, Open Rate Management, Cash Pledges and Swing Tickets.( C/C++/Sybase/Motif)


Reorganized data flow and data structures of the current implementation of the firms Mortgaged Backed Securities trade application. Lead the porting efforts in the ACSII based systems to a C/Sybase/Openlook Sun Workstation environment.


Supported and maintained Government Bonds Trading desk. Duties included intra-day trading desk and clearing support as well as code maintenance of a Unix/C/C++/Motif/Sybase Trading System.


Developed software in UNIX/C/X11 environment to present currency prices in graphical form. Wrote technical analysis routines to provide market insight for the Option Traders.  Historical data was stored and retrieved from Sybase RDMS using DB-Client interface and "Price Watch" API's were used to gather real time data from Reuters and Telerate.


11/96 - 3/97     Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, 277 Park Ave, New York, NY

06/94 - 11/96   Smith Barney, 390 Greenwich Street, New York, NY

12/91- 6/94      Mabon Securities Corporation, 11 Liberty Plaza, New York, NY

12/89-12/91     Societe Generale, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY


EDUCATION:       State University of New York, College At New Paltz

                                Bachelor of Science Degree,


REFERENCES: Available upon request